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"AB City" is the parent company of two commercially and socially significant joint stock companies: AS "Repharm" and AS "Olainfarm". The conglomerate includes healthcare, pharmaceutical retail and wholesale, production companies and laboratory test service providers operating in the Baltic region with a total annual turnover of over EUR 500 million.

People and health are the focus for the businesses and brands represented by "AB City", producing medicines at "Olainfarm", providing services at "Mēness aptieka pharmacies", "Veselības centru apvienība" and "InMedica group" medical institutions, branches of "Centrālā laboratorija", the wholesaler "Recipe Plus" as well as plant-based medicines at "Rīgas Farmaceitiskā fabrika".

We believe that affordable health care means healthier society and happier people.

What do we do to keep us all healthier?

We look for companies, researches and specialists and invest in them so that the best health services are available to everyone living here.

We care for health care today and in the future

We invest in providing opportunities and support for medical and health-care innovators.

"AB City" holding company was registered in 2018. Its share capital is 126,536,960 euro. The Supervisory Board of the Company includes Andrejs Leibovičs and Aleksandrs Livšics. Sergejs Korņijenko and Roberts Tavjevs represent the Management Board of "AB City".

Beneficial owners of "AB City" are Sergejs Korņijenko, Andrejs Leibovičs, Aleksandrs Livšics, Mihails Lurje, Jeļena Ņikitina, Jānis Oskerko and Roberts Tavjevs.

/Information was updated in January 2024/